Welcome to FPMT México
Welcome to FPMT Mexico

FPMT - Foundation to Preserve the Mahayana Tradition

The FPMT (Foundation for the Preservation of the Mahayana Tradition) is an international non-profit organization founded in 1975 by Lama Thubten Yeshe (1935-1984) and Lama Thubten Zopa Rinpoche, both Tibetan Buddhist monks.

The Foundation is dedicated to preserving and spreading Mahayana Buddhism throughout the world by creating opportunities to listen, reflect, meditate, practice, and update the unequivocal teachings of the Buddha, service to the community, and based on that experience spread the Dharma. to sentient beings through various projects that preserve tradition.

Our organization is based on the Gelugpa tradition of Lama Tsongkhapa of Tibet, as we have been taught by our Founder Lama Thubten Yeshe and our Spiritual Director Lama Zopa Rinpoche.

The centers and projects that make up the organization are inspired by an attitude of universal responsibility and offer an opportunity for the integral transformation of the person's mind and heart.

The FPMT strives to follow the advice and inspiration of His Holiness the Dalai Lama in his compassionate service to all humanity.


The FPMT in the world

Currently, the FPMT is made up of more than 160 centers throughout the world in various activities and functions such as:
• Urban centers
• Retreat centers
• Monasteries and Convents
• Publishing services
• Translator and interpreter training centers
• Social projects: leper colonies, soup kitchens, work in prisons, schools and care for the terminally ill.


History of the FPMT in Mexico

At the end of the eighties, Dr. Rocío Arreola Santander visited India, Tibet and Nepal. When she was in Kopan, she had the chance to receive teachings and meet Kyabje Lama Zopa Rimpoche.

Mayra Rocha (now Ven. Thubten Drolma), at that time was a patient of Dr. Roció Arreola and she also visited those places.

Inspired by Buddhism, Mayra Rocha in the following years took teachings and practices at the Oseling Retreat Center, located near the City of Granada, Spain and it was there, where she met several disciples of Lama Yeshe (Founder of the FPMT and KLZR master).

One of those disciples was Isabel Arozena, who provided great support to Mayra Rocha about the knowledge of the Dharma and the role of the FPMT.

This is how a group of people began to gather at Dr. Rocío Arreola's Clinic to read the Lam-Rim and do meditation practices.

When the dates allowed and some weekends were available, that group would meet at a place called the Serlingpa Retreat Center, owned by the family of Dr. Rocío Arreola, located in Zitácuaro, Mich., where they continued with the practices. of Dharma, meditations, and sometimes small retreats lasting several days.

In January 2000, Kyabje Lama Zopa Rimpoche visited Mexico, staying for two weeks at the Serlingpa Retreat Center.

In the middle of that year, at the request and advice of KLZR, a Study Group was opened, which was named Janchub Ling, with Mayra Rocha being the coordinator; thus creating the first Study Group of the FPMT in Mexico City, having teachings with Ven. Thubten Dondrub and with Ven. Tsenla and other FPMT teachers. A year later, the Janchub Ling Group closed.

From there, in subsequent years, there were visits from FPMT teachers at the Serlingpa Retreat Center, with Ven. Dove, come Robina Courtin, Ven. Rita, among other teachers.

By then a new Dharma group was opened in the City of Guadalajara.

We currently have:

• 2 Centers
• 3 Study Groups
• 1 Satellite Group