Welcome to FPMT México
Welcome to FPMT Mexico

To lay a good foundation

Discover Buddhism

Awaken your mind's unlimited potential to achieve all peace and happiness

Discover Buddhism provides students with a solid foundation for the practice of Tibetan Mahayana Buddhism. This two-year course offers students the chance to experience the Buddha's teachings, retreat, practice, and develop the capacity to make life more meaningful.

Exploring Buddhism

The Exploring Buddhism (EB) Program is a new program developed by FPMT Educational Services to offer an in-depth treatment of selected topics in Buddhist philosophy and practice. This program prepares you to engage in more advanced Buddhist studies, such as the FPMT Foundation Program, by introducing key Buddhist philosophical concepts and connecting them to the context of practice and realization.

The program is in its pilot phase of development and is offered in selected centers of the FPMT. In Mexico you can find it at:

Nyingje Kunkyab Study Group, Salamanca, Mexico
Khamlungpa Center, Guadalajara, Mexico

Living the Way

The name Living the Way is an explicit reflection of the purpose of this program: by practicing the methods presented here, they will help us transform all actions of body, speech and mind into a path of wisdom and compassion, our life of each day will effectively become “living the way”.

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Available as an online course and in the centers.

Tips for the Time of Death

It is a five-session program that provides a clear understanding of how to help yourself and others at the time of death. It is being prepared in Spanish.

Para establecer una buena base
To lay a good foundation