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Benefits of Dharma Centers. Lama Zopa Rinpoche

Summary of advice from a teaching at the Vajra Yogini Institute in Lavaur, France, May 12, 2003. Transcribed by Su Foo, revised by Claire Isitt, December 2003.

I would like to mention how urgent it is in this world, especially today , have meditation centers and Dharma study groups.

Why do I say that it is the most important service for beings? Studying in the meditation center, learning the Dharma ourselves and giving opportunity to others to do the same, inspiring each other, sharing our experience, understanding the Dharma, meditation, benefiting others.

Change in actions is Dharma, change in attitude is Dharma, and only Dharma can purify negative karma from the past. As long as beings do not change their actions and attitudes, which is the Dharma, how can they put an end to their problems in life? And not just this lifetime, but you are creating all this negative karma that you will have to experience in future lifetimes. Thus we can see that as long as beings do not practice the Dharma, especially the good heart, if they do not change their mind and actions for the better, which is the cause of happiness, as long as they remain the same, which others do can't really end your problems.

So all this happiness: the temporary, the last, the liberation from samsara, the full enlightenment, everything comes from one's own mind with the Dharma, the pure mind, the Dharma.

Therefore, now we can see that educating beings about the mind, reincarnation, karma, what is the cause of happiness, what is the cause of suffering, what is the content of the Four Noble Truths, what is the teaching fundamental of Buddha, our compassionate and kind Buddha, in conclusion, educating in the Dharma and meditation is the most important service for beings.

The best service is the Dharma, teaching the Dharma and helping others learn it. Another meaning is to educate them, making them understand what is right, what is the right cause of happiness. They come to the center and come to know the cause of suffering: delusions and karma, and they come to know what liberation really means, what they should concentrate on and what they should achieve.

In this way they feel the need to find a method to achieve the cessation of suffering. They feel the need to do something and follow the path since they have been able to know that there is a path.

This is how they get the inspiration to practice, to follow the path to liberation and enlightenment.
— Translated into Spanish by Nerea Basurto, May 2006.

Beneficios de los Centros de Dharma
Benefits of Dharma Centers