Welcome to FPMT México
Welcome to FPMT Mexico

Foundation objectives

Purposes and beneficiaries of the Foundation:

• Make known and preserve the Mahayana tradition of Tibetan Buddhism.

• Dissemination of spiritual, religious, cultural, artistic-historical values ​​in all spheres of society.

• Promote dialogue between different religions.

• Promote the study, history and identity of the Tibetan people, developing activities that contribute to the knowledge and improvement of the Tibetan language and culture.

• Preserve, improve the conservation conditions of its documentary funds, manuscripts, and the historical heritage made up of real estate and movable objects of artistic, historical, archaeological, ethnographic, scientific or technical interest.

• Help the Tibetan people in general, both in Tibet and the refugee population in different countries.

The objective of the Foundation is to act both in the cultural and environmental fields through its activities.

Objetivos de la Fundación
Foundation objectives